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The balance and feel is something like you’ve never experienced before.  This makes rolling much easier than you’ve ever imagined and as some professionals say “I feel like I’m cheating!”  Regardless of your roll dynamic from a super saturated soft roll to a FFF triple bounce roll, these make it all easier to execute.  The sound of the stick produces more instant drum sound and less sound of the stick itself; this, results in your sound speaking and projecting faster than ever. Not designed for drum set playing or marching snare, but more than tough enough for playing in an orchestra as they’re designed for.  Take care of these and they’ll last about ten years depending on how much use they get. Recommended for all orchestral playing, concert band playing and ensemble work. A true go to general stick that can do almost anything.

*Normal warranty for this model does not apply in cases of abuse/damage caused by drum set or marching snare use.