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Ron’s RV-3695.0002.Cng  8″ Recording Tambourine continues to be one of the most important tambourines for studio work, Broadway shows, film sound tracks, and many other performance venues, live and recorded.

Pictured below:  Shawn Pelton, (SNL + Studio, NYC): March 2018, working on the (annual) Televised broadcast ‘Love Rocks NYC’ at the Beacon Theater.  (Shawn playing this show together this year with Steve Gadd).
Shawn using, in part, Ron’s Triple-Row Recording Tambourines, also pictured below . . .


‘Love Rocks NYC’, a broadcast and charity uniting supporters of ‘God’s Love We Deliver’:  a NYC charity for those in need.


Ron’s original Triple-Row Recording Tambourines . . . 

The combination in this recording tambourine of uniquely narrow slots and T-10 jingles can produce a highly-controllable, super-articulate voice that is both compact and dense with excellent projection.  The T-10 jingles provide great density for driving rhythms, as well as providing one of the more sonorous ballad jingle sounds when playing/tapping this tambourine in a vertical position near the mic.

This triple-row also allows for playing crisp rhythmic time at the slowest tempos you’ll ever encounter or need.  This is accomplished by playing with a wide arm-swing motion, creating a single, crisp sound from this Triple Row at the end of every wide arm-swing motion.

When playing very fast is called for, it’s also possible to play lightning fast rhythmic parts due to the fast-speaking T-10 jingles coupled with the short distance the jingles travel in these narrow slots.   This can create very fast sound-response times for the player, all from small rotary motions from the player’s wrist.

The larger 10″ version of this recording instrument is the RV-3699.0002.Cng.  This ten inch diameter model has a total of 54 jingles, or 27 pair.
The RV-3695.0002.Cng 8″ model has 42 jingles or 21 pairs.

Ron’s original Mahogany SuperGrip is an option in any of these tambourines, and has become one of the most popular and relied upon grips for demanding tambourine parts of all kinds.
Ron developed this grip originally in the 1970’s when long studio sessions were creating hand cramps from the sometimes very repetitive work.
All SuperGrips are made of Mahogany, are individually contoured into each shell for a beautifully matched fit.  All SuperGrips are drilled and pinned directly into each solid shell.
All this is made 100% in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn Percussion.



Stay tuned for more of Ron’s Recording Tambourine images and recorded videos . . .