Ron’s RV-5155.SRF2.Cng FireBird Tambourine

Ron’s RV-5155.SRF2.Cng FireBird Tambourine

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Ron’s RV-5155.SRF2.Cng FireBird Tambourine includes: Solid maple shell/carbon-fiber construction, compound Jingles: fluted & T-10 jingles combined, all within a single, continuos slot, including Ron’s original SuperGrip.

A great beginning . . .

This unique, compound-jingle instrument has only been available in Ron’s catalogue for a relatively short time. Ron built the first early versions of the Split-Ring FireBird for himself in the 1970’s.

That said, today this FireBird is already making major performance contributions world wide in orchestras, including the BSO and  others, and has already been a part of highly skilled percussionists winning great jobs in major orchestras.

Compound Jingles . . . 

At the heart of the FireBird’s sound is the combination of Ron’s
1″ diameter fluted German Silver jingles over his T-10 jingles.  This specific combination and original juxtaposition of these metals combine to create a tambourine sound of  terrific articulation and density at very low dynamic levels, and fine overall voice for general performance.