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1 1/8” medium red poly ball on rattan with brass insert.  Hardness Scale = 5

Rattan shaft 7.5mm thick ( + or – due to natural taper of rattan ) and 13.5” long.

The Freer Percussion KXS2 model features a medium density ball with a small brass insert inside for added weight. Same material as my K7 but in a 1 1/8” size and new red color.  Not as warm as the KXS model because it’s not a cord wound mallet but still has more cutting power than the KMR model and heavier than K7 altogether.  Great for many Messiaen pieces, Shostakovich Polka, Medea, Mother Goose, American in Paris and MANY others.  Also excellent on wood blocks and temple blocks.  Numerous various uses for percussion ensemble and solo/recital pieces.