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1 1/8” deep purple poly ball on rattan.  Hardness Scale = 8.5

Rattan shaft 7.5mm thick ( + or – due to natural taper of rattan ) and 13.5” long.

Lighter in weight than the K5 and slightly brighter.  Most use this as a standard “go to “ mallet for daily use in the orchestra and band as well.  Because it’s so easy to maneuver, it’s excellent for passages like American in Paris, Schuman 3 and Firebird.  Also perfect for Messiaen Exotic Birds.  The difference in this model from others on the market is in the details.   It has a small internal brass sleeve insert which gives it an extra couple of grams of weight which improves the feel, response and fundamental tone.  Meticulously selected rattan that is carefully hand matched for flex and diameter, combined with this new color give you an even better option in your stick case.