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The Freer Percussion mesh muffler is something entirely new and unique.  After testing over thirty different materials and trying them in the orchestra over the years, I have finally settled on this mesh fabric that comes from Sweden.  It muffles the drum perfectly for clarity in pianissimo playing yet does not lower the pitch of the head or cause any loss of snare response.  Because of the holes in the fabric, the muffler is still very light in weight, therefore the head still breathes enough to give life to the bottom head which is crucial for great snare response and sensitivity.  Testing back to back in the hall has proven this to sound far superior to any handkerchiefs, lycra or any other material.  Stop over muffling your snare drum!  Try this for all your solos, excerpts and soft playing especially in auditions!  Super versatile for all playing. Also available in 13″ size.

Now fitted with a custom designed plastic clip for easy attachment to ANY type of counterhoop!  No more Velcro like the old design and better yet…NO PAPER CLIPS!