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Freer Medium Orchestral Hornwood™ Signature Model

*NEW = The new medium orchestral stick was conceived and designed to be an in between model to bridge the gap between my general orchestral and light orchestral.  The length is right in between and so is the weight and tip of the stick.  The shoulder is elongated  just enough that the response feels good at any dynamic.  Our Hornwood™ is very dense and hard and adds a couple grams of weight as well.  The feel is something like rosewood or ebony but without the excessive vibration and low pitch that come with those woods.  It is also extremely durable and will likely last you a lifetime if cared for properly.  This makes it a perfect stick for Delecluse etudes and other concert style etudes where you have extremes of dynamics and articulation.  Excellent choice for many excerpts too such as Capriccio Espagnol and Nielsen Clarinet Concerto for example.