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Freer Light Orchestral Hornwood™ Signature Model

The Hornwood™ light orchestral retains it’s shape from the tip back however I have deliberately chosen to eliminate the taper in the back.  This increases the back weight feel of the stick just enough to help it rebound quicker which you can really feel in playing doubles such as 4 stroke ruffs in Lt. Kije and 7’s in Scheherezade.  By making this model out of Hornwood™ I’m also able to increase the weight of the stick without increasing size and bulk.  Our Hornwood™ is very dense and hard and adds a couple grams of weight as well.  The feel is something like rosewood or ebony but without the excessive vibration and low pitch that come with those woods.  It is also extremely durable and will likely last you a lifetime if cared for properly.  I feel this is the absolute best version of this stick I have come up with to date.  Really a perfect stick for ANY soft playing that requires clarity.