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The newest incarnation of my velvety roll mallets which have been around for 25 years now. This version once again features a unique core material that is still unique and not offered by anyone else. The cores on this model are really key to it’s success. This newest version has a taller core than I’ve used in the past and has proven to be a very good improvement. I have finally been able to re release them now with all the latest developments and advancements in their covering technique and underlayments. With five different layers of felt, and the softness/flex of the core, you are able to get incredible velvety smooth rolls on any drum in any range with no effort at all. This stick will do all the work for you. *Break in period for this model is approximately 1 week of regular playing for the felt to relax a bit and become even further voiced naturally…or you can voice them more heavily before using if you wish.