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Shaft: Bamboo

Core: Wood

Covering:  Ball stick with soft German felt

Tone Color: Dark, rich, round, full

Usage: Booming full round sounding stick with excellent low register capabilities.

The new Freer Percussion Cloyd Duff #7 soft model is a warm bamboo timpani mallet with a large maple core in a ball covered stick.  This new replica version of the Cloyd Duff series features a 15″ bamboo shaft with a CNC cut large maple core.  The base is a high grade all wool adhesive felt 1mm thick.  Edges of the cores are slightly rounded. Felt covering is a soft German felt ball covering very tightly sewn and mounted completely by hand which produces a very warm, big, dark sound in all registers. Particularly good on lower drums but still versatile enough in all registers of all timpani regardless of make or model or type of heads.  Easy to roll with and good for most all legato playing, its sound can be described as warm, round, dark and fat. A necessity for all students and professional timpanists who desire a mallet that has been used and proven for over 75 years. An incredibly versatile, handmade replica timpani mallet made to last. These are the only authentic reproductions of Duff’s original set of mallets available exclusively from Freer Percussion direct.