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Freer Percussion authentic Cloyd Duff #2 replica on a carbon fiber shaft that features the following:

  • 1/3 tapered premium carbon fiber shaft 14.5″ long.
  • Custom made black delrin threaded sleeves and nuts.
  • CNC machined felt core at a very specific durometer to match the original model. Cartwheel covering is hard American felt tightly sewn and mounted completely by hand, and custom fit so that top and bottom stitches are hidden by the seat and the nut, producing a very clean and clear sound.

Usage: Anything requiring point and clarity with still a little warmth/depth and a darker sound than Cloyd Duff #1. Its sound can be described as clear, clean and darker than a CD#1, yet still with a beautiful quality. These mallets work and fit perfectly in between the CD#1 and CD#3 models for rhythm, point and articulation. An incredibly versatile, handmade replica timpani mallet made to last.