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Freer Percussion authentic Cloyd Duff #1 replica on a tapered carbon fiber shaft that features the following:

  • Gradually tapered premium carbon fiber shaft 15″ long
  • Base felt is a high grade all wool adhesive felt 1mm thick
  • Cartwheel covering is hard American felt very tightly sewn, mounted and finished completely by hand by one Amish family with great attention to details. All mallets are vigorously inspected.

This model produces a very clean and clear sound. Easy articulation and clarity in all registers of all timpani regardless of make, model or type of heads. Its sound can be described as staccato, clear, clean and bright yet still of a beautiful quality. A necessity for all students and professional timpanists who desire a mallet that has been used and proven for over 75 years. An incredibly versatile, handmade replica timpani mallet made to last your entire career.