Adams Solist Xylophone

Adams Solist Xylophone

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Adams Soloist Series Xylophones feature a choice between prime Honduras Rosewood or durable synthetic Zelon bars. Soloist series Xylophones include many of the same great designs and features found on our higher end Concert Series Xylophone including precision computer assisted tuning to the sixth overtone, securely welded resonators, and our patented easily adjustable Voyager Frame System. An Endurance Field Frame is also available to fit both our 3.5 and 4.0 octave instruments should you need to take your Xylophone outdoors.

Quint or Octave Tuning?

Quint tuning has a fifth tuned in between the fundamental and double octave for the short, penetrating sound that cuts through the largest ensembles. Quint tuning was the used on the classic American Xylophones of the 20s and 30s.

Octave tuning has the first overtone the two octaves above the fundamental for a clear and brilliant sound, and is mostly popular in Europe.