Soh Wen Ming


Soh Wen Ming has been a permanent fixture in the Singapore music scene, applying his unique style of drumming to music across multiple genres with some of the biggest names in the region which Charlie Lim, Chok Kerong, Jeremy Monteiro, Stefanie Sun, Corrinne May, F.I.R and Vanessa Fernandez. He’s also performed with international artistes Yotam Silberstein, Eugene Pao, Alex Sipiagin, and Theo Croker and has performed at international festivals throughout the region.

Equally recognized as an educator, he has held long term positions as an instructor at the Esplanade’s Mosaic Jazz Fellows program, the Lasalle College of the Arts, the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz Band and his list of students encompass a whole generation of drummers who are actively contributing to the performing arts scene in Singapore in multiple genres of music.

Topics he is passionate about teaching include :


  • Fundamental, practical technique as applied to the drumset as a unique instrument
  • Building of mind/body connection and training the inner ear
  • Connecting technical exercises to musical applications
  • Beat/Time Conception


For more information and also to find out more about his teaching metholody and thought process, please visit For contact, please email at or DM on Instagram @nindgabeet

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