Govin Tan


Besides performing full-time with his group Flame of the Forest, Govin is an

active learner and extensive percussion educator. He is involved in various

eastern and western instruments such as Dholak, Dong Xiao – Bamboo Flute,

Naqqara, Pot Drum, Pakhawaj, Drum-Kit, Marimba, Panderio and others.

As a soloist and accompaniment, Govin received tutelage from Ustad Zakir

Hussian (world renowned Tabla player), Pandit Birju Maharaj (world renowned

Kathak Dancer) and Pandit Mukesh Sharma (India renowned Sharod player).

He was invited to perform alongside the A-list musicians in India’s Arts and

Drama Centre on numerous occasions.


Govin has since brought his Tabla performances to new heights, both musically

and technically where he displayed his tabla techniques skillfully in many

performances. At the moment he is experimenting with the addition of other

acoustic instruments to the Tabla as a form of accompaniment. Govin teaches

the Tabla and Dong Xiao (Bamboo Flute) in Sheng Hong Arts Institute a

Charitable Arts Organization that promotes mostly Nan Yin’s art and culture

and he is also a freelance Tabla Educator.


Many are unaware that Govin is equally proficient with the western drum-kit

and till date he holds a Grade 8 in Drums. He is currently teaching western

drums at My Drum School Singapore.


Govin was grateful to be given the opportunity to travel and performed

alongside other musicians like United States (Philadelphia), South Korea

(Bussan & Seoul), Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), United

Kingdom (Llangollen), India (New Delhi), China (Quan Zhou, Beijing, Xia Men)

and Australia (Melbourne).


Over the years, Govin participated in the “World Music Choir Competition” –

South Korea; Bussan & Seoul in 2009, “ASEAN Korea Traditional Orchestra

(AKTO)” – South Korea; Seoul in 2011, “The Exuberance of Youth” & “The

Elegance of Nanyin” – Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2011 respectively, “East

West Encounters” - Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and “ASEAN

Commemorative Summit” – India; New Delhi in 2013.


On numerous occasions, Govin have appeared on National Television, movie

and theatre productions. He recorded original sound tracks for Channel News

Asia’s (CNA) “Post General Election 2012 – The New Normal” program,

Destination Art, Art Less Travelled, Eric Khoo’s movie; My Magic where the film

was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival, President Star Charity Fund

Raising for Mediacorp Channel 5, “Trikon – The War Within” and “A Bollywood

Affair” by the Tanglin Trust School and others.


Always finding ways to give back to society, Govin has been entertaining old

folks and the less fortunate at Singapore General Hospital, Metta, Sinda,

Salvation Army, Bright hill Evergreen Home and others.


Govin is also a member of Asian Contemporary Ensemble (ACE) that is led by

Conductor and Composer Wong Kah Chun.


Contact him at: +65 98751395

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