Anson Koh

Anson started playing the drums at the age of 4, under the guidance of his eldest brother, Jenson Koh. After shifting his focus to other hobbies, he decided to pick up the sticks again at the age of 16. Anson started teaching and playing professionally at the age of 18 and has since performed locally and also in countries like Jogja, Brunei, Chennai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Perth.

Although he is slightly more interested in R&B, Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop drumming, Anson wants to continue to explore other musical grounds to further expand his vocabulary on the drums and develop his musicality. He is a member of a few local bands including Wicked Aura, Cold Cut Quartet, The Steve Mcqueens and plays for local artists Gareth Fernandez and Nathan Hartono.

Anson is also the winner of the Singapore Drumoff 2016.
Contact him at: +65 98348175

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